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Ving Tsun or Wing Chun is a relatively new, explosive and fast form of martial art originating from China. This ingenious martial art was developed around 350 years ago by a Buddhist nun called Ng Mui of the Shaolin Monastery, who was a master of Kung Fu. She named the art after her first student, a woman called Yim Ving Tsun.

Students in Hohen Neuendorf have been learning classical Ving Tsun Kung Fu under the direction of Master Aydin Kiyici since 1994. Sifu Aydin Kiyici practised various forms of martial art in his younger days, e.g. judo and tae kwon do. Later he learnt "Leung Ting's" Wing Tsun System under his first Sifu K. R. Kernspecht. He was able to familiarise himself with various other Ving Tsun systems under the guidance of several world-famous Sifus such as Grand Master Victor Kan Wah Chit, Master Samuel Kwok and Master Randy Williams. Finally, however, he decided on Yip Man's classical Ving Tsun.

Ving Tsun, Wing Chun, Ving Chun and Wing Tsun all refer to the same Kung Fu styles, which were brought to Hong Kong from China by Yip Man in 1950; the various spellings were adopted by different Sifus in Hong Kong. These styles were opened up to the western world after the death of Grand Master Yip Man in 1972.

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